100% Cloud-Based Technology

Everyone talks about cloud-based software. Why is it important? With our telephony software hosted in the cloud, we ensure unlimited scalability for our clients. No matter how big or small your program, our forward-thinking technology can handle it. No need to buy more servers or invest in new technology on a program-by-program basis – our sophisticated cloud-based structure enables us to empower even the largest of programs immediately – no need to wait for the technology to catch up with your needs.

Because the best reps in the world can only do so much when their technology can’t keep up. Our dedicated pharmaceutical call center offers seamless IVR, CTI and telephony scripting in support of your program. Our cloud-based CRM PharmaQ™ allows us to build a customizable call queue, enables online reporting and supports survey questions and online scripting.

At heart, we’re technology geeks. So we’d love to talk to you about our hosting infrastructure, our replicated SQL databases and our fully redundant server farm. But if that’s not your thing, rest assured that we’ve got the technical chops to back up our outstanding industry sales expertise.

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