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We offer more services targeted at Pharmacists than any other healthcare segment – and for good reason. A well-informed pharmacist can be your greatest ally in building your brand or product. Pharmacists not only educate and influence patients at the counter, they can be an invaluable liaison to known prescribers in their geographic region.

We have specific services designed to reach both chain and independent pharmacists directly – and we can support everything from new product launches to backorder status updates to pull-through distribution programs.

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Our Services Targeted Toward Pharmacists

It doesn’t do any good to get prescribers writing if the pharmacies aren’t stocking. Our unique ConnectSource service builds a communication channel between physicians and pharmacies to make sure scripts are filled – and empowers pharmacists to reach out to their known writers to let them know your product is available in their market. We accomplish this with sophisticated technology that allows us to target pharmacies and physicians within a specific geographic radius.

Achieve formulary wins
Ensure scripts are written and filled properly
Prevent inappropriate substitution

This robust service puts you in touch with retail pharmacists, providing specialized communication on topics the pharmacists themselves have told us they view as important. The better informed the pharmacists are, the better ambassador they are for your brand or product. From launch education to behavioral changes, we can deliver your message at the dispensing counter.

New product launches
Backorder status updates
Product education messaging
NDC number changes
Patient counseling information
Patient support materials

-Co-pay programs
-Indigent patient programs
-Disease state information

It’s always considered a win when your product hits the retail pharmacy shelves – but success doesn’t stop there. The more information you have about what your product is doing once it gets there, the better the decisions you can make about how to support the brand or product moving forward. Our SurveySource service provides you with actionable intelligence at the retail store level using a representative sample or entire universe by brand or product portfolio.

Stocking information

-Info provided at MSA, State, District, Regional and National level
-Penetration by pharmacy type (chain, non-warehousing, grocery, independent)
-Software systems checks
-Average bottles on shelf by SKU

Exposure information

-Returns exposure
-Conversions to new formulations
-Life cycle management

It’s not enough to address the retail pharmacy chains – it’s vital to employ robust communication with Independent Pharmacies as well. We have established, trusted services in place that provide a vast network of independent pharmacists with timely information about your products and programs. Consider IndependentSource your virtual Chain headquarters for Independent Pharmacies.

Pull-through distribution programs

-Educational messaging
-Stocking incentives/fulfillment
-Distribution through wholesaler

Retail Marketing programs

-Authorized generics/Branded generics

Compliance & Adherence programs
Customer Service
Reduce script abandonment

Once you’ve won the business, the easiest way to keep it is through a dynamic adherence program. At PharmaSource, we utilize a combined, interactive approach that touches physicians, pharmacists, and patients to ensure adherence for your product.

Maximize refill opportunity
Stay top-of-mind with pharmacists
Scalable solutions that combine various technologies

We provide “feet on the street” to reach targeted pharmacists. Our representatives can capture signatures, provide clinical information, introduce a new program, and provide patient education materials as well as copay cards. PharmaSource helps you determine when it makes financial sense to have a field sales force – and can seamlessly combine this service with InsideSalesSource to cover the full range of targets. Frequency and length of campaign will be tailored to your needs.

Product launches
Awareness programs
End-of-Lifecycle products

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