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Whether you’re filling a gap in your field sales team, launching a new product without a sales force, or supporting a brand at the end of its life cycle, there will be times when you need to talk to physicians – but you need help getting your message out. That’s where PharmaSource comes in. We have a variety of proven services designed to reach prescribers directly – and we can determine the right mix of services you need to accomplish your specific business goals.

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Our Services Targeted Toward Prescribers

We contact prescribers directly to provide product teledetailing and information as well as access to pharmaceutical samples, patient education materials, coupons and more. Reach geographically remote physicians, specific deciles, secondary specialties and more. This service benefits products without a field force, or fills the gaps your field force can’t reach. Frequency and length of campaign can be tailored to fit your budget and program goals.

Product launches
Awareness programs
End-of-Lifecycle products

We provide “feet on the street” to reach your prescribers. Our representatives can capture signatures for samples, provide clinical information, introduce a new program, and provide patient education materials as well as copay cards. PharmaSource helps you determine when it makes financial sense to have a field sales force – and can seamlessly combine this service with InsideSalesSource to cover the full range of targets. Frequency and length of campaign will be tailored to your needs.

Product launches
Awareness programs
End-of-Lifecycle products

It doesn’t do any good to get prescribers writing if the pharmacies aren’t stocking. Our unique ConnectSource services builds a communication channel between physicians and pharmacies to make sure scripts are filled – and empowers pharmacists to reach out to their known writers to let them know your product is available in their market. We accomplish this with sophisticated technology that allows us to target pharmacies and physicians within a specific geographic radius.

Achieve formulary wins
Ensure scripts are written and filled properly
Prevent inappropriate substitution

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